If You've Been Experiencing Fatigue, Weight Gain, Body Aches and Pains, Bad PMS, Hot flashes, Low Libido, Unexplained Symptoms Then Read On…

Is this you? 

  • You've been to the Dr for your symptoms, but you just don't want to be taking anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety, synthetic hormones, the pill etc 
  • It feels like a marathon just to get through the day; by the time you've finished work, taken care of family and done all your daily chores, you collapse in the evening exhausted...
  • You always mean to get to the gym, but by the time you've done everything there's literally no energy left! 
  • Your weight has been sneaking up year by year, you've just come to accept it as normal that you add weight as you get older (it's not). 
  • You have a 'muffin-top' - stubborn belly fat that just won't go away no matter what you do. 
  • Brain fog, mood swings and exhaustion are daily occurences. 
  • You sometimes get headaches, migraines and sleep disturbances. 
  • Mystery aches and pains have become part of daily life.
  • You eat fairly well, but rely on coffee, tea and sugary foods to get you through the day. 
  • You feel bloated and get bad PMS, PMDD, have endometriosis or painful menses. 
  • You're going through the menopause and taking synthetic hormones but still have lots of symptoms. 
  • You experience emotional outbursts/crying/rage for little or no reason. 
  • You're on anti-depressants (or anti-anxiety) medication, and wish you weren't. 
  • Intimacy is a rare occurance... you're just too tired and anyway you don't feel at all sexy! 
  • You can't understand where you're energy has gone. You used to feel healthy but now you struggle... You've begun to resign yourself to the idea that it's all just part of getting older. 
  • 'Self care' is a foreign concept. Something for other people, but you just don't have time. 

It doesn't have to be this way!

Introducing Hormone Harmony Booster - An 8 Week Program

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Investment just €497 (excludingVAT).

What You Get:

Dr Sabine has spent the last 30 years helping thousands of women heal from hormone symptoms. Now she's compressed this knowledge and experience into 8 weekly Modules, Video materials, reports and recommended remedies, so that you can take the exact steps required to find vibrant health.

8 Modules, 8 Videos, Plus Bonus Materials

Gut Health

Cleansing the gut, the importance of a healthy gut for hormone balance, plus preparations and your diet for the program. 

Sleep and Exercise

How to re-set your sleep routines to ensure you get a good night's rest, even if you've struggled with insomnia for years. 


Learn about what hormones really are and how they affect every process in your body. Even slightly out of whack they can lead to a host of symptoms. 

Liver Detox

One of the most important organs in relieving years of stubborn symptoms. This is the break through module in getting your health back.

Managing Stress

Many people don't realise that excess stress is one of the worst things for your hormones. Discover how you can effectively minimise stress in your life, despite the challenges. 

What's Up With My Hormones?

Take my specially designed quiz to discover what your unique symptoms mean. Find out exactly which hormones are out of balance. We look at testing and advance testing methods for your hormones.


This is the module where we get into specific solutions for your symptoms. 


Re-discover your femininity & reconnect with your inner wisdom. This is the rebirth module; the new inspired, sexy you! 

“Last ten days have been very good, I have eliminated the foods mentioned in module 1, I truly feel better , I may even have lost a bit of weight :) I am less bloated and quite energetic and relaxed." 

- Angelina Kalogeropoulou, USA/Athens.

“My mental clarity & focus have returned, I no longer have mood swings . I’ve lost weight and my clothes are feeling loose on me for the first time in years! I feel like myself again and I feel hopeful that I have the tools and the support to continue to heal and reach my health goals." 

- Tara Agacayak, Turkey  

You've Been Ignoring Your Own Needs for Too Long!

  • Experience feeling lighter, clear minded - No more mental fog or clumsiness!
  • More than enough energy for the day, every day
  • Stubborn weight loss starts to fall off. 
  • Start feeling happy in your own skin, no more 'comparisonitis'. 
  • Recover naturally without drugs. 
  • Understand that ageing symptoms can be reversed. 
  • Resolve blood sugar issues and insulin resistance. 
  • Recover your libido and feel sexy again!
  • Rediscover balanced moods and say goodbye to PMS, nausea, bloating, rage, tearfulness. 
  • This is your chance to optimise your health and revolutionise the way you live, for lasting energy.
  • Get to the root cause of your hormone issues rather than just treating the symptoms!

"Hormone Harmony was the best financial investments I have made in myself! I was struggling with hot flashes, disturbed sleep, bloated belly for 6 years as well as hair loss & constipation for 30 years. A month into the program I rarely had constipation, the bloating was already 50% less. Liver detox was the best experience ever, so beneficial on my path to be symptom free. My biggest breakthrough was my hair. After 2 months, new hair started growing! I was under medical treatment for decades with toxic chemicals. Thanks to the program new healthy strong hair started growing naturally. I am so happy that I have learned what my body needs, how to take care of it and protect my health for decades to come." - Anna Vasdeki, Athens Greece

"I am mid-way through Hormone Harmony program and I could not recommend it more! Dr. Sabine and her team are truly committed to supporting women in reaching optimal health, both physical and emotional. I had been suffering from bouts of depression ,weight gain, fatigue,low energy, lack of motivation, anxiety and low sex drive. Since beginning the program, I have lost 5 kilos so far and I feel vibrant in a way I have not felt in a very long time. Despite the distance I feel so well supported. It has been a remarkable journey that I am so happy I decided to embark on."

 -Evridiki Spiliadis, Montreal,Canada.  

"When I joined Hormone Harmony, I was taking medicine for an autoimmune thyroid condition, & wanted to get off of an antidepressant before trying to get pregnant. For the first time in years, I felt hopeful. After 3-months, I'm safely tapering off my antidepressant and the antibodies that identified my autoimmune thyroid condition are no longer present in blood tests, so I'm slowing tapering off those meds as well. My mental clarity and focus has returned, I no longer have emotional outbursts or mood swings, I've lost weight and I feel like myself again, and I feel hopeful that I have the tools and the support to continue to heal and reach my health goals. Thank you Dr. Sabine! - Tara A, Turkey/USA"  

Meet Dr Sabine 

"After 12 gruelling years in medical training, what did the medical profession have to offer my patients? More drugs! I vowed right then to find another way..."

"I know I'm doing my job well when client's husband's send me flowers because they got the 'sex-diva' back in the bedroom!"

Don't spend another moment suffering in silence! 

It's time to do something just for you. 

This is an investment in your life to come. The main benefit my students enjoy is a renewed vigour for life...